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Spooky bathroom seance shoot: Portland boudoir photography

Fall equinox spooky bathroom seance shoot.
Portrait session on Sept 24, 2023


What goes into a creative boudoir photoshoot?

I love a creative boudoir concept and when Maryssa came to me with this witchy idea to do a shoot for the fall equinox I was immediately down. We used a combination of blue, red, and orange lights to create a darkroom-like effect in Maryssa's bathroom. Then we set to decorating the heck out of the space - tarot cards, driftwood, bones, candles. We unintentionally set a very small fire on Maryssa's windowsill - shh don't tell anyone.

We wanted to due the bathtub water a dark purple or gray but settled with solidified wax chunks and a medieval concoction of kitchen ingredients created by Maryssa. And honestly the goopy homemade potion was great for the picture-perfect drip out of the wine goblet.

Ready to book your own Portland boudoir photoshoot?

I'm booking creative boudoir and lifestyle sessions on film and digital for fall and winter 2023. Available in Portland, Vancouver WA, Missoula, and Seattle. Do you have an idea for a shoot or want to chat about creative direction? Get in touch for a free consultation and mood board concepting before you commit to the bit!

More creative boudoir photoshoot ideas I would love to shoot:

Editorial cocktail hour

The process of making and drinking an elevated cocktail can go hand-in-hand with a boudoir shoot. The vibrant colors and intricate glassware can create a visually stunning backdrop for your boudoir photos.

70s retro photoshoot

Think Burt Reynolds on that bearskin rug. Need I say more?!

May Queen florals

Y'all remember the end of Midsommar? I would love to recreate a smaller version of that vibe in a simple studio setting using all the florals we can get our hands on.


Creative boudoir sessions by Portland boudoir photographer Yeticorn.

For lovers of a vintage or retro look and feel. Classic and timeless Portland boudoir and portrait photography.

Offering the following services:
Portland boudoir photography. Creative boudoir photoshoots including mood boards and custom creative direction.
Film boudoir photography on 35mm Kodak film.


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