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35mm film portraits
and brand shoots

Life's short. You're hot. Get that shit on camera. 

35mm film portrait photography and brand shoots
35mm film portrait in Portland OR for brands and creatives
35mm film portrait photography and brand photography

Three steps to fire film photos

STEP 1: The connection

We'll chat over the phone, a Zoom call or email to swap ideas and inspo! The goal is to get on the same page about what you're looking to get out of your film photoshoot and any ideas you have in for the creative direction. I'll follow up with a mood board and we'll nail down to logistics of the shoot. 

STEP 2: The shoot

Film is an intentional medium so we'll ease into the shoot by chatting for the first few minutes and getting comfortable around each other. We'll also use this time to go over the inspiration or shot list. Then we get into it! I use a mix of posed and candid photography to tell a visual story. 

STEP 3: The delivery 

You'll receive a sneak peek of the photos within 2 days of the shoot and a full gallery within 3. 

Film Session


- Mood board 
- 2 Rolls of film
- Your choice of b&w or color     (or one of each) 
- Minimum 50 digital images 
- 3 day delivery
- Total investment: $600

Mini Session


- Mood board 
- 1 Roll of film
- Your choice of b&w or color  
- Minimum 20 digital images 
- 3 day delivery
- Shareable online gallery  
- Total investment: $300


Very good reasons to book a film photoshoot

Show them what they're missing. Show them what they got. Commemorate your first business launch. Or home purchase. Or maybe it's a gift for your mother. Except maybe it's for you. A from-me-to-me. Or those jeans just make your ass look good. Or how about because this life is short and precious and you deserve photos that make you cry happy tears to remember it by.  

Want to learn more?

You can see an example of a 35mm film session with this gallery of a film boudoir and lifestyle shoot or this 35mm film portrait session at a classic Portland dive bar. Still have questions, concerns, compliments? Hit the button to hit me up! Always happy to chat.

Film photoshoot FAQ


Where are film photoshoots offered?

I'm based in Portland, OR but also shoot in Missoula, Vancouver, WA, Seattle, and am open to traveling pretty much anywhere for a photo session! I travel to Spain and Europe annually and offer discounted rates for certain locations that are top of my wish list. Hit me up for more deets.


How do you pose for a film photoshoot?

My strategy for working with a client on posing is similar whether we're shooting film or digital: I'll direct you through natural, candid movements and have you freeze or repeat a position  as I catch a composition looking good through the lens. This is a collaborative process that relies on mood boards and creative direction for the shoot.


What's the difference between film and digital photography? 

Film is a more intentional format than digital photography. With only 36 frames per roll and rising costs of film and processing, film forces you to think critically and value every shot in a way that digital photography doesn't. Both have their value but film has a more timeless look and feel.


What's the editing process like for film portraits? 

Film needs very minimal edits - the shots typically come off the camera looking great. I don't usually do much editing to my film photos but I will occasionally tweak exposure or color levels. I also make micro edits to remove things like zits, makeup smudges or to color correct smiles. I also use Phil Chester Lightroom presets on my digital work.


How long have you been shooting film photography?

I got into photography through film, shooting on my dad's Pentax K1000 as a freshman in high school. I was immediately hooked and spent all my free time in the dark room. I went on to study photojournalism in college where I continued to take film classes on the side.


How much does a film photo session cost?

Film photoshoots can range in price from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. The cost of a film shoot is often more expensive than digital to account for the cost of film and processing. I offer mini film photo sessions for $300 and full film photo sessions for $600. 

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