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BTS: Crafting the best creative Portland boudoir photoshoot experience

My name is Gracie and I'm a Portland photographer - I love working with each of my clients to create a specific look and feel for your boudoir photoshoots that feel really unique to you. That can include anything from props to styling to location to poses. Want to get started with your own boudoir session? Fill out this form to submit a new project inquiry.


As a creative Portland boudoir photographer, my goal is to create a photoshoot experience that's fun, empowering and personalized to each clients' needs. I want you to arrive at your session prepped and excited (with only the minimal amount of nerves), and I want you to leave feeling as hot and confident as you do after a great first date, an amazing haircut or nailing an interview.

Behind the scenes of a creative Portland boudoir photoshoot

Let's dive into the behind the scenes of the pre-photoshoot process. For me it's all about creative collaboration and a simple client process to achieve the perfect boudoir photoshoot experience.

Mood Board Creation: Setting the visual tone of your creative Portland boudoir photoshoot

One of the foundational elements in the pre-shoot process is the creation of mood boards. These visual collages serve as a roadmap, incorporating your ideas and direction into a cohesive vision for the shoot. Each client receives a minimum of one mood board, curated to reflect your unique style, preferences, and desired atmosphere.

I love a good mood board because they'll not only give us specific ideas to refer back to on the day of the shoot but they'll also get us both excited and aligned for the shoot ahead. Mood boards help us visualize the aesthetic of the shoot and ensure that the resulting in a collection of images that feel authentic to each client.

Themes and Creative Concepts for Boudoir Shoots

For those seeking inspiration or unsure about their vision, I have a backlog of themes and creative concepts that I'd love to play with. (These include but are definitely not limited to... a Midsommar May Queen floral studio boudoir photoshoot, a cozy intimate Galentine's pajama party with your closest besties, creepy couple flash photos). The options are wide ranging and designed to cater to a spectrum of tastes. Vintage Playboy aesthetics, spooky night shoots, bathroom getting ready scenes or classic bedroom lingerie – the creative possibilities are endless.

Having a backlog of mood boards and creative directions helps you explore various themes and ensures that your boudoir experience is not only visually stunning but also aligned with their unique preferences and comfort levels. Here are a few mood boards I've used for shoots in the past - send me a message to get an update on the latest mood board ideas and inspo.

Portland creative boudoir photos

How to create the best Portland boudoir photoshoot

How to create the best creative Portland boudoir photoshoot

Creating the best boudoir photoshoot experience in Portland

How to craft the best creative boudoir photoshoot experience in Portland

(all photo credit to original creators on Pinterest)

Preparation for the Photoshoot Day: Making the shoot fun, festive, and personal

The day of the photoshoot is a celebration – a culmination of the collaboration and preparation up until that point during the pre-shoot process. To set the tone for a festive and personalized experience, you are heavily encouraged to do whatever is going to make you feel as good as possible.. Whether it's getting your hair and makeup done, curating a playlist that fits the vibe or reason for the shoot, or enjoying some food and drinks to add to the festive atmosphere – the goal is to create an environment where you feel as empowered and confident as possible.

I love to ease into a boudoir shoot so that each client feels really comfortable in front of the camera. This will come more naturally to some than others but no matter your experience level in front of the camera, I'll make sure you leave the shoot feeling yourself.

Depending on which boudoir photo package you book (Fun Size, Mid Size, Full Size), we'll have anywhere from 1-4 shooting hours to get the shots. That time can be used in any of the following ways: picking out outfits and finishing up hair and makeup looks (these can make for some of the best photos), deciding on props, and setting up any scenes or backdrops. A lot of this candid, behind the scenes stuff can make for really great intimate lifestyle and boudoir photos.

Want more info on rates and packages? Peep this Portland photography services guide that covers everything from:
  • Creative boudoir sessions

Incorporating Props into Your Boudoir Shoot: Crafting a story beyond the frame

Incorporating props is more than just adding visual elements; it's about crafting a story. Candles, jewelry, blankets, magazines, food, and beverages – each prop is carefully selected to enhance the narrative and add layers of meaning to the images. The goal is to create an environment where every element contributes to the overall mood and ambiance, making the photographs rich with storytelling nuances.

Before the camera starts clicking, we'll hash out all the details of the mood boards, props, and schedule together. This collaborative photoshoot experience allows you to have as much of a say in the creative direction of your photoshoot as you want. The open dialogue and creative references also make sure everyone is on the same page about the visual elements and the overall narrative of the shoot.

What to wear to your boudoir photoshoot

When it comes to boudoir, layers are your friend! And those layers can come in the form of anything from actual clothing to blankets, sheets, curtains, pillows, rugs, and so much more. If you're new to boudoir, I recommend having several options of lingerie (whatever that means to you) and be ready to swap in and out of different looks.

Robes are also a great addition to a boudoir shoot - especially if they're sheer or silky. Peep more info on what to wear to your photoshoot.

How to Pose for your Boudoir Photoshoot: A mix of candid and directed portraits

Posing is an art in itself, and guiding clients through poses is an essential part of the boudoir photoshoot experience. Employing a mixture of candid, documentary-style techniques and limited but specific direction, the aim is to capture authentic moments that reflect the client's true essence. Creating a comfortable and inclusive environment is key, ensuring that clients feel at ease while expressing themselves in front of the lens.

I have a backlog of go-to poses and prompts to get you feeling comfortable in your skin and in front of the camera. These can range from anything like leaning back against a chair to looking out a window to laying between your bedsheets. With the help of my 10+ years of experience shooting portraits and boudoir plus the mood boards for us to reference, we'll never be at a loss for ideas and poses to pull from.

BTS crafting the best PDX photoshoot experience

BTS crafting the best portland photoshoot experience

BTS crafting the best portland photoshoot experience

BTS crafting the best PDX boudoir photoshoot experience
BTS crafting the best PDX boudoir photoshoot experience

Life's Short You're Hot: Invest in creative boudoir photos that will last a lifetime

It's not just about taking photographs; it's about creating memories that resonate. I want you to. be able to look back on these photos for years to come and feel hot af.


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