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Shelby & Michael

Beautiful late summer wedding at Hoyt Arboretum in Portland OR. 
The perfect wedding venue with a forest backdrop for an intimate Portland wedding.

Thank you Shelby & Michael! 

Your Hoyt Arboretum wedding was so much fun to capture. Between the beautiful forest backdrop, the iconic sandwich buffet (genius), and your amazing friends and family, I enjoyed shooting your wedding immensely. I'm honored to have been a small part of your beautiful Portland wedding.

Hoyt Arboretum is more than just a collection of trees; it's a living museum of rare and exquisite plant species from around the world. The arboretum spans 190 acres and features over 6,000 trees and shrubs, representing over 2,300 species. This incredible diversity of flora ensures that each corner of the arboretum offers a distinct atmosphere, allowing couples to curate their wedding experience to match their vision. One of the most alluring aspects of hosting a wedding at Hoyt Arboretum is the opportunity to have an intimate ceremony immersed in nature's embrace. Whether you're dreaming of an intimate elopement or a small gathering of your closest friends and family, the arboretum's serene and picturesque settings provide the perfect canvas for your wedding.

Every corner of Hoyt Arboretum is a photographer's delight, making it an ideal destination for couples who want their wedding photos to reflect the harmony of nature. From the filtered sunlight filtering through the tree canopy to the vibrant foliage serving as a colorful backdrop, the arboretum sets the stage for captivating and timeless photographs that will be cherished for generations. Hoyt Arboretum weddings in Portland offer an enchanting blend of natural beauty, tranquility, and unique botanical diversity that is unparalleled in the realm of wedding venues. From intimate ceremonies to captivating photography opportunities, every aspect of a wedding at the arboretum exudes elegance and charm.


By embracing the inherent beauty of nature, couples have the chance to create a truly unforgettable and timeless wedding experience. So, if you're a couple with a love for the outdoors and a desire to celebrate your union in a magical setting, Hoyt Arboretum might just be the perfect place to say "I do."

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