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Zach and Brie's Backyard Dark Fantasy Wedding in Portland

Zach and Brie thank you so much for letting me be a part of your incredible dark fantasy Portland wedding. I have never been more excited to shoot a wedding and still y'all blew me away with your attention to detail, gorgeous untraditional ceremony, and incredible group of friends and family.

Frankly you've ruined all other weddings for me. I can't thank you enough.

I hope you enjoy this initial sneak peek of the day! I can't wait to share the rest but for now here are some highlights.

Zach and Brie's untraditional backyard dark fantasy wedding

Zach and Brie's dark fantasy equinox wedding has ruined me for all other weddings. I had high expectations for what the backyard venue was going to look like for this themed wedding and I was completely blown away. Zach and Brie's home was completely transformed into a magical, Midsommar-inspired, renaissance fair, dark fantasy, equinox vibe. It was incredible.

Zach and Brie prioritized candid wedding photography over lots of posed group shots, which is my favorite kind of wedding to shoot. While the wedding party ran around putting the final touches on the venue, I captured details and setting shots. The amount of attention to detail paid to this wedding was absolutely incredible. They went all out with multiple rows of tents all attached together with long lightweight curtains that flowed in the wind.

Countless string lights, hanging ivy, and floral arrangements decorated every corner and table setting. The food was catered by a friend and included everything you could imagine from a medieval feast or ren fair party: sausage, lamb pies, assorted meats and cheeses. Plus mead. Lots of mead.

For the ceremony, Zach and Brie went totally untraditional and it was by far the coolest ceremony I've ever gotten to witness. I felt like I was watching a scene straight out of the Lord of the Rings complete with staffs, a cloaking ceremony, and an epic instrumental soundtrack.

Rather than the usual toasts, Brie and Zach invited all of their guests to come up and share a toast and a drink of mead from the couple's extensive mead collection. Each guest got to pick from a variety of meads (Odin's Tears, Viking Blod, to name a few) and shared a few words and well wishes. It was a much more creative and intimate alternative to the classic toasts.

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