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Portland branding photoshoot with artist Mystery Glass

Portland product and brand photography on digital for PDX artist Mystery Glass

I loved collaborating with Mystery Glass on this brand and product photoshoot. It was my first time meeting her and we immediately jumped into this creative collaborative frenzy. Between fit selects and setting up lights and finding the perfect backdrops to showcase her stained glass pieces, the shoot was a pure collaboration from start to finish.

I love working with other artists in this way on a shoot - bouncing ideas back and forth to create images that resonate with the client as much as they do with me. We shot mostly on digital and finished the shoot with some 35mm film portraits and product photos.

The vibes was very quintessential Portland - vintage, eclectic, spooky decor fitting the themes of Madi's art pieces. We're planning on doing a second shoot this fall to showcase more of her studio space and new pieces.

My process for working with brands and artists

1 - Mood board development

I like to kick of a brand photoshoot with a mood board to make sure the client and I are aligned on the look and feel that we're going for. Even if, in the end, the photos don't match the exact aesthetic, it helps to go into the shoot with a similar idea of what you want to get out of it.

2 - Collaboration kickoff

I like to spend the first few minutes of a shoot chatting and getting comfortable with a client. I love to use this time to discuss wardrobe choices, talk through the plan of action for the shoot and touch base on the desired shot list. I often feel that the longer I spend not shooting in the beginning of a shoot, the better the later photos end up coming out.

3 - The shoot

Once we start shooting I like to play around and experiment with a lot of different settings and backdrops - vignettes if you will! We'll work with the natural light as it changes throughout the shoot and incorporate artificial lights when needed.

4 - The delivery

You'll typically receive a sneak peek of the shoot within 48 hours and all of the photos delivered within one week. Rush requests can be accommodated upon request.


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