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Courthouse wedding photography: Washington County Courthouse gallery

Over the past few years, I've had the pleasure of photographing a handful of weddings at the Washington County Courthouse. Explore the courthouse elopement photo gallery below.

Portland elopement photographer captured Washington County Courthouse wedding photos

When it comes to getting married, many couples dream of lavish ceremonies, picturesque venues, and extravagant celebrations. However, an alternative option has been gaining popularity in recent years – the courthouse wedding. While it may not be as glamorous as a grand wedding, a courthouse ceremony offers unique advantages that make it an appealing choice for couples seeking simplicity, intimacy, and a focus on the true meaning of their union.

Over the past few years, I've had the pleasure of photographing a handful of weddings at the Washington County Courthouse. This is a great option for an intimate wedding venue or elopement because the Washington County Courthouse has beautiful grounds with secluded spots for a ceremony or celebration. The courthouse is also close to Portland - less than 30 minute drive - so it's a great Oregon or Washington elopement option for couples who want to get married close to Portland but want a Washington marriage license.

Because this was an international wedding with the couple being from India, they weren't able to have their families come to Washington for the wedding ceremony. This made it really important for the couple to be able to broadcast the ceremony via Zoom. This Washington County Courthouse wedding photoshoot was short but sweet. The friends and family set up the tripods and cameras for the international guests and the couple was married on a beautiful fall day in front of the courthouse.

The family then set up a table with cake and decorations for the guests to enjoy with the newlyweds. The colors of this wedding ceremony were hands down the most gorgeous I've gotten to photograph to date. The bright sarongs against the deep colors of the trees and grass made for some of the prettiest courthouse wedding photos. After the ceremony, the group gathered under the huge beautiful trees outside of the courthouse.

The wedding group paired off for group photos and the newlyweds posed for portraits under the trees. We had a mini outdoor bridal portrait session where the bridal was absolutely glowing in her colorful sarong in the late afternoon light of the PNW.

This Washington County Courthouse wedding absolutely sparked a love for courthouse wedding photography and I can't wait to shoot more courthouse elopements in the Portland and Vancouver Washington areas. If you're looking for a Portland courthouse wedding photographer, reach out today for a free quote on your elopement photography package.


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