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Candid Portland wedding photos on film at Dame bar & restaurant

A couple weeks ago, I had the honor of shooting Tal and Phoenix's intimate Portland wedding at the gorgeous bar, restaurant, and venue Dame.

Portland candid wedding photos on film at Dame

Tal reached out to me last year and told me she was looking for mostly candid wedding photos on a mix of film and digital and I was immediately hooked.

The Portland couple kicked off with a quick and intimate ceremony in front of close family, followed by a short photo session to capture portraits of everyone together. I love that Tal and Phoenix decided to prioritize the dinner and drinks portion of the wedding versus focusing on a long ceremony. They exchanged a very quick set of vows and a kiss while their family cheered them on.

Immediately following the ceremony, the family did a quick round of group photos, followed by a short newlywed portrait session. Dame is the perfect photo setting with the dark walls and vintage, high-end decor.

Soon after, the rest of the couple's guests started to show up, everyone dressed to the nines. Everyone mingled and enjoyed drinks during the cocktail hour before dinner.

One of my favorite trends in recent weddings is the shift toward smaller, more intimate events. When your wedding guest list is under 50 people, the options for where to have the celebration expand so much. Bars and restaurants are a great option for smaller wedding venues.

Dame was serving up delicious cocktails and appetizers of bread and dips with sides of grilled vegetables. All of the food and drink looked absolutely delicious, and the Dame staff was able to provide table service throughout the intimate but crowded space without any problem.

These intimate Portland weddings are some of my favorites to capture. Small venues, small wedding packages, and short ceremonies - all while prioritizing the candid wedding photos and focusing on being present at the wedding with family and friends.

It was lovely to see such a close group of friends and family catch up and enjoy each other's company. People traveled from all over and it was clear how excited everyone was to be there celebrating Tal and Phoenix's marriage.

If you're looking for a Portland photographer who specializes in candid wedding photos and offers a mix of film and digital - reach out for a custom quote today.


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