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Micro wedding photography

inside peek at an intimate backyard micro wedding outside of Portland, OR

On a warm fall day outside of Portland, OR, Charles and Kaylee said I do at their intimate backyard micro wedding. This is the kind of wedding I love to shoot. Small, intimate, with a wedding party that was open to playing around with some fun and creative group shots. As a photographer, shooting a micro wedding is a different experience from shooting a larger, more traditional wedding. Instead of trying to capture every detail and moment of a busy event, the focus is on capturing the essence of the couple and their love for each other. With fewer distractions and less pressure, there's more room for creativity and experimentation, which can result in stunning, unique images.

Micro weddings are the perfect opportunity to play around with some really creative photography. You don't have to worry about huge group shots and a million combinations of portraits. Instead you can focus on the people and the photos that really matter. 

Micro wedding photography offers a unique and beautiful way to capture the intimacy, emotion, and personal connections of smaller weddings. Whether it's an elopement on a secluded beach or an intimate celebration in a cozy backyard, micro wedding photography can tell a compelling and heartfelt story that will be cherished for years to come. If you're planning a micro wedding, consider the magic of micro wedding photography to capture your love story in a truly special way.

Another benefit of micro weddings is the opportunity to capture more candid moments. With fewer guests and a more relaxed atmosphere, couples and their loved ones are more likely to let their guard down and show their true emotions. This can lead to some truly beautiful and heartfelt photos that capture the essence of the day.

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